Filling the Gaps

I’ve recently realised that it is two and a half years since my last post! Perhaps it is time for a catch-up – there have been many projects on the go, and I am pleased to say that some of those are finished!

Of late, I have enjoyed making zippered pouches. My, it can be addictive! Perhaps it is because something can be finished relatively quickly. Actually, I know that it the case! Last Christmas I gave quite a few away as gifts. There are, however, a number of them that have made their way to my own collection!

The best way to catch up the past couple of years, I suppose, is to include some images that I do have:

Quilt 2      Quilt 1

Finally finished – hand-pieced hexagons from a jelly roll, and hand-quilted with much encouragement from my quilting buddies. The quilting on cream wouldn’t have been there if it weren’t for them, which would have been a shame.


This quilt was made for the eldest grandson…the youngest one’s is in progress.

Baby Quilt 2       Baby Quilt 1

My first niece was born on New Year’s Eve last years so I was able to use some of that pink fabric that has been gathering cobwebs since the birth of my four grandsons!

Lego mat 1      Lego Mat 2

This was a Christmas present for one of my grandsons – a Lego drawstring playmat.

image     And some book bags…

Now for the zipper pouches…

Pouch 2      Pouch 3

Pouch 1      Pouch 4

Pouch 7      Pouch 6

Pouch 9      Pouch 8

Pouch 5

….and a cute coin purse – a great way to use those scraps of fabric. Now to buy lots of zips from Etsy and Ebay!!

More finishing off….

Finishing off projects instills a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Ruth has just completed her massive hexagon quilt. I’m sure it will meet the floor on either side of a queen bed! It’s beautiful, and Henry loved nestling into it. It seems that he thinks that any quilt in progress is there for him. Very cute!



Trying to be kept accountable….

My new book arrived today…”Piecing on the Go” by Jessica Alexandrakis. It’s full of inspirational new ideas plus a few familiar ones, although it’s lovely to have it all in one book and read of her passion for hand piecing. I popped onto her blog and found a challenge….post a photo of your project, count the pieces at present and how many to go. Just what I need! So here is the hexie project so far…191 and too many to count to go! No idea of the size yet but I have lots of hexies from my stash already covered….
You will find the link to Jessica’s blog in the sidebar.



Finishing things off….

Something that is a constant bother for me is the projects that lie dormant in my sewing cupboard. It’s not that I have become bored with them, but re-inspired by the myriad of new ideas out there! This past month or so has seen me actually finish a couple of things. One big one for me was a crocheted rug for my grandson. I have never been a crocheter, but was happy for the challenge after coming across a book full of 200 granny square designs. It is the first complete crocheted item I have attempted and finished in my whole life! It took a while, and I may try it again someday, but for the moment it’s back to the hexies….or is it the quilt for Oliver…..or maybe the pinwheels….see what I mean!!

About 6 months ago I bought some fabric to make a bag and it has now been assembled…not the original one I had planned, but a freebie from Pinterest. What a great resource that site is! It was also good to finally use those handles I bought at the Stitches and Craft Show 2 years ago!

Twists and turns………

Finshed Quilt 2 At the recent Craft and Quilt Show at Rose Hill, I came across a new method of piecing quilts using just one fabric. It isn’t a new method at all, just new to me. I have since heard it called the ‘Stack and Whack’ or Kaleidoscope method. It’s very clever and makes one look at fabrics differently by taking note of any repeats in the design. Quilt finished 1 Fabric



For this quilt I used a novelty border print…purely an experiment, but it’s turned out quite nicely. You need to look for the repeat in the pattern and measure it across the fabric. Then measure the same distance down the fabric to make a square. These form your base pieces. Fabric 2



Cut them in quarters diagonally and then start arranging them. There are endless possibilities, depending on the fabric you use.






This was the stage where I began to play with the design and layout. I machine pieced the blocks and then machine quilted it, adding a coordinating flannelette for the backing. I’ll definitely have another go  using this method. I love discovering secondary patterns from a rather plain looking fabric!

Coming together….

20130204-112007 PM.jpg
I knew those lovely looking hexagons couldn’t stay in the box for long. I have half of the diamond shape joined. The next round will be more of the coloured shapes, leaving a frame of cream. That’s the idea, anyway! I’m not quite sure of the final result, but that makes it all the more enjoyable. I’ve been able to get many hexies covered and ready for the journey over the last while….and it’s nice to be able to give them a home!